PVD vacuum multi-arc ion coating machine
PVD vacuum multi-arc ion coating machine
PVD vacuum multi-arc ion coating machine
PVD vacuum multi-arc ion coating machine
PVD vacuum multi-arc ion coating machine
PVD vacuum multi-arc ion coating machine

Item specifics

Coating film
TiN, TiCN, CrN, TiALN, ALTiN, TiC, Au, Etc...
operating method
PLC+touch screen full controlling
chamber type
304 SS, vertical single door
Operation cycle
within 12 minutes



 1. Vacuum multi-arc ion coating machine is a high-tech environmental friendly product for metal,jewellery, glass and ceramic products surface coating.

2.After coating by this machine can improve the workpieces’ hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance etc..

3.The machine itself has many advantages such as quick pumping speed, stable vacuum environment, large load capacity and uniform coating film.

4.Application industry including the watch industry (strap, case, dial), glass ceramics industry (glass tableware, ceramic crafts), hardware industry (sanitary ware, door knobs, locks), architecture industry (stainless steel plate, stair railings, columns), precision mold industry (standard punch mold, forming mold), tools industry (drill bits, carbide cutters, broaches, shaving heads), automotive industry (piston, piston rings, alloy wheels) as well as pens and glasses etc..

It can coat TiN, TiCN, CrN, TiALN, TiNbu, TiCrN, ZrN, and various kinds of diamonds film (DLC).

5.The film makes the product’s surface much more beautiful and wearable

ModelLZ-1000LZ-1200LZ-1300 LZ-2000LZ-2000LZ-2000
Vacuum Chamber Size(mm)ø1000×H1100mmø1200×H1300mø1300×H150000mmø2000×H2100mmø2000×H3500mmø2000×H4000mm
ApplicationHardware industry, sanitary appliance industry, decoration industry, household appliances industry
Faucet, stair handrail, household appliances, LOGO signs, stainless steel frame, stainless steel parts and plate, etc...
Coating Film TypeTi-Gold, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Japanese Gold, Bright Silver, Rainbow, Jewelry Blue, Rose Red, Black, etc.
Vacuum ChamberVertical door, hanging or horizontal cart structure, equip with pumping system and water cooling system
Vacuum SystemSustaining Pump + Mechanical Pump + Roots Pump + Diffusion Pump
or Molecule Pump(specific model according to customers' requirements)
Vacuum Measurement System1 set pirani, 1 set cold cathode, 1 set diaphragm gauge
Supply TypeDC power, MF power, pulse power(bias power, arc power)
Ultimate PressureNon-loading cold state  1.0- 6.0×10-4Pa
Arc Source8-10 set8-12 set12-16 set18-26 set22-28 set22-36 set
Bias Power Supply40KW/1 set40KW/1 set40KW/1 set50KW/1 set50KW/1 set60KW/1 set
Magnetron Power Supply1-2 set1-2 set2-3 set2-3 set2-3 set2-3set
RotationMulti-axis planetary with frequency control(can be controlled and adjusted)
Baking TemperatureNormal temperature - 450℃ can be controlled and adjusted(PID temperature control)
Gas3 or 4 ways working gas flow control and display system matched with auto gas adding system
Ar, N2, O2, C2H2,etc.
Cooling MethodWater cooling circulation, equip with industrial cooling tower or industrial water chiller(refrigerating machine)
or cryogenic system.(customers provide)
Controlling MethodManual, half-auto, auto, touch screen operation, PLC or computer controlled
Supply IndexAir Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa, Water Temperature≤25℃,Water Pressure≥0.2MPa
WarningAlarming system will work when hydropenia, over-voltage, circuit break such abnormal situation happens
and carry out related protect solution and electric interlock.
Total Power60~80KW60~90KW90~120KW165~185KW185~200KW200KW
Output FrequencyVoltage 380V,Frequency 50Hz(equip as customers' national electricity standard)
Occupation Space15~50m²15~50m²25~55m²25~55m²35~55m²35~55m²
RemarkDesign and produce special machine according to customers' require, can add magnetron sputtering target,MF twins target,etc.
wrist watch  Watchcase / watch chain Vacuum Coating Machine wrist watch  Watchcase / watch chain Vacuum Coating Machinewrist watch  Watchcase / watch chain Vacuum Coating Machine

High quality strong Plywood cases packaging and transportation by sea.

wrist watch  Watchcase / watch chain Vacuum Coating Machine


Our engineers are ready to provide custom made design and recommendation for each customer's case.
We provide professional consulting service for PVD Vacuum Coating Machine and lines.
We also have set up good relations with the suppliers of relative consumables and parts for your needs.
We will send the engineers to your place for installation, fine tune and for operation training.
We will provide troubleshooting service, answer and solve your problem.
The warranty period of the machine is one year, during the warranty,free repair.
We will contact you to ask for about the conditions of the machine in periodically.
We also provide the service for further extension on your existing machine.

1. Are you a manufacturer ?

Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of Vacuum coating machine for more than 10 years,and have rich experence ,enjoying good reputation in this line.
2. What certificate your products have been passed ?
We have passed ISO9001 2000 since 2007, and our product have CE, SGS certificate.
3. Are you responsible for installation overseas ?
Yes, we will send our engineers to your country for installation, train and teach your people operating the machine.
4. What should I do for our products before processing by PVD coating machine ?
Becouse of vacuum coating, your products must be clean,dry,and smooth,no grease, no impurities, you should construct cleaning system and drying system.
so we need washer, dryer,sometimes base coat,and pre-treatment to protect the coatings.
5. Does the machine cause environmental pollution ?
The machine is environment-friendly, there is no liquid chemical waste and harmful gas. This is a kind of green technology.