High PVD gold /sliver/zinc/aluminum Vacuum coating machines / PVD metal chroming metallizing plant

Group Vacuum magnetron sputtering coating equipment
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Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2019-10-17
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       High PVD gold /sliver/zinc/aluminum Vacuum coating machines / PVD metal chroming metal

lizing plant is widely used in household appliances, clocks, lamps, crafts,light toysreflector, phone 

keypad outer covering and instrumentation, plastics,  glass, ceramics,tiles and other decorative 

film and functional film. Making use of the PVD technology,PVD chrome plating machine can imp

rove the film thickness, strengthen the adhesion between substrate and film; making special mater

ial film and let different materials sputtering on products surface at the same time, then will make mixed film, compound film, TiN imitation gold film; high purity films etc..

Quick pumping speed, 

Stable vacuum environment, 

Large load capacity and uniform coating film. 


Application industry 

Including the watch industry (strap, case, dial)

glass ceramics industry (glass tableware, ceramic crafts), 

hardware industry (sanitary ware, door knobs, locks)

architecture industry (stainless steel plate, stair railings, columns)

precision mold industry (standard punch mold, forming mold),

toolindustry (drill bits, carbide cutters, broaches, shaving heads)

automotive industry (piston, piston rings, alloy wheels) as well as pens and glasses etc.

The film makes the products surface much more beautiful and wearable.

Dear sir:

 When you are going to send us an inquiry, in order to design the most appropriate machine for your product, please tell us some information in your letter.Thank you very much.
1, What is your products ? size ? material ?
2, How many products do you need to coating per day ?
3, What film do you want to coat on your products?


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