Negative pressure fan features and application

Time: 2019-08-15
Summary: Negative pressure fan features and application
      For ventilation purposes: installed outside the shop window, generally choose the outlet, out of the air, pump out odor gas; general chemical plants and other applications. 2, with the use of wet curtains: As the workshop cooling summer, no matter how hot your workshop, wet curtain - negative pressure fan system can make your workshop temperature down to 30C, but also a certain degree of humidity. 3, the scope of application of negative pressure fan: A, suitable for high temperature or odor workshop: such as heat treatment plant, casting plant, plastic factory, aluminum plant, shoe-making factory, leather factory, electroplating factory, a variety of chemical plants. B. Applicable to labor-intensive enterprises: such as garment factories, various assembly workshops, and Internet cafes. C. Ventilation and cooling in horticultural greenhouses and cooling in livestock farms. D. It is especially suitable for places that need to cool down and need a certain humidity. Such as cotton spinning mills, wool spinning mills, hemp mills, weaving mills, chemical fiber mills, warp knitting mills, bombing mills, knitting mills, silk weaving mills, hosiery mills and other textile mills. E. Suitable for warehousing and logistics 4. For exhaust fans: The performance of general exhaust fans (commonly known as Yanggu fans) is relatively poor. A single exhaust fan does not blow a few people. Negative pressure fans are not, whether they are on the ground or hang on Used in the air. Generally, 4 sets of 1000 square meters of workshop use, that is, full house is the wind effect.

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