The development of plastic vacuum coating equipment is quite fast

Time: 2019-08-15
Summary: Plastic coating

       The development of plastic vacuum coating equipment is very fast. With the increase of productivity, the production cost is greatly reduced, paving the way for the universal use of vacuum coated products. Taking a roll-type vacuum coating machine as an example, the width of a film substrate that can be plated at the beginning of development is 150 mm, and it has reached 2,253 mm. The maximum reel diameter of the substrate roll is 1000 mm and the maximum winding speed is 750 m/min. The semi-continuous winding vacuum coating machine for automatic loading and unloading takes 75% of the entire cycle, and the auxiliary operation time only accounts for 25%. The more efficient air-to-atmosphere winding vacuum coater was sold in 1977. With the development of measurement technology, control technology and the application of electronic computers, the roll-type vacuum coating machine is developing in the direction of high automation and high reliability.

       The thickness of the coating layer that can be deposited by the winding type vacuum coating machine is 0.01-0.2μm, and can be selected within this range, and some can also be coated with a multilayer film to meet various needs. The Japanese patent proposes a roll deposition apparatus for depositing two different coating materials. The vacuum chamber (6) of the device is divided into an upper chamber (7), a lower left chamber (8) and a lower right chamber (9). During vapor deposition, the vaporized coating materials (21, 25) of the two evaporation sources (19, 23) are respectively deposited on the plastic film (11), and a glow discharge generator is mounted on the non-evaporated side of the plastic film ( 15, 16). Glow discharge gas generated by the generator can prevent the plastic film from wrinkling. This device can be used to coat non-wrinkle multilayer films on very thin plastic films for tape and thin film solar cells, etc.

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